In most cases where physical exercise is talked about as a leisure option, this type of proposal is raised around the way in which free time is used for children and adolescents. Of course this is a notion that also applies at any other time in life. Keep in mind that physical exercise increases self-esteem, avoids sedentary lifestyles and you can get to know the body very well, without forgetting that it is a tool that helps to socialize.

Physical exercise as a leisure activity

The benefits of sport with physical activity are known to the majority of the population and it is quite clear that its realization is essential for a person’s body to enjoy the best possible conditions. It is proposed that people consider physical exercise as a leisure activity in which it is worth investing time, for the following reasons:

Regular moderate exercise helps to maintain overall good health and make you feel healthy, well and full of vitality. In this sense, it is an activity that although it can be framed as a leisure activity, it is positive in terms of health. If you look at physical activity from a prevention perspective, it means that leisure is becoming an excuse for people to be able to prevent cases of overweight or obesity. This is a direct attack on sedentary lifestyles, one of the main public health problems today.

Moderate physical exercise is helping people to rest and achieve better sleep quality. In other words, it is a measure that favours relaxation, because it is a discharge of the nerves and tension that accumulate as part of everyday life. Depending on the age from which it is analyzed, exercise brings with it an understanding of the reward of effort, as certain modifications in the body are obtained as a result of medium- and long-term training.

It is an activity with which socialization is encouraged, since its practice is in contact with other people who are also doing it, which makes it possible for there to be an encounter between feelings, experiences, ideas or personalities, which perhaps in other types of spaces or activities would be much more difficult to consolidate. It is also an aid for learning to work as a team.

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