How to use massages as an erotic game

A great way to get past the stress and routine of everyday life and at the same time help you stay connected and strengthen your relationship with your partner are erotic massages. The erotic massage aims to stimulate and increase the libido and our ability to respond to sensual stimuli and, unlike other massages in which it acts at the muscle level, in erotic massage what is sought is the stimulation of the skin and senses to provoke sensations of pleasure and sexual excitement, that is why the movements must be very smooth.

Since this is an erotic game it is highly recommended that you use your hands but also anything that can help you to stimulate your partner’s skin like a feather, a silk scarf, warm oil with stimulating aroma or even an ice cube. Kissing, tickling, gently blowing to provoke delicious chills… let your imagination run wild because it’s a time to be creative.

Erotic massages to connect with your partner

Try to forget about the genitals during the massage because it is about increasing the desire and prolonging it as much as possible. The more intense the desire, the stronger the orgasm. The idea is that you take turns getting the massage, each one should last about 15 minutes.

Although the final objective of this erotic massage is to end up having sexual intercourse, if you want to delay the penetration a little bit to make it more powerful when the time comes, you can make a short rest, for example, drinking a glass of wine or champagne, give each other to taste some fruits in a suggestive way or a very seductive idea is to prepare a chocolate fondue with fruits (there is a well-known brand that has them ready in a minute in the microwave).

Don’t be shy and enjoy yourselves!

To begin with, it is necessary to know that in general, in women the tension tends to accumulate in the neck and shoulders, while in men it tends to be in the lower back, the sacral area (the triangular area at the end of the spine) and the buttocks, however, there is nothing like observing your partner’s reactions to intuit the areas where to insist and how to touch them.

Your partner should be placed face down and you will kneel next to them. Press gently on your shoulders and both sides of the spine from top to bottom but never press directly on the spine, as you could damage it. Once you reach the thighs, you may decide to switch to another type of contact, you may want to try your own movements but if you prefer to follow, massage the cufflinks, they are an area of great accumulation of tension and continue stroking up to the feet including the toes and then ask him to lie on his back and continue for this part massaging up thighs, abdomen and arms.

Maybe it’s time to take that little break taking, for example, a little wine that increases the desire to continue, but if you can’t wait this is a good time to follow the massage with your lips, first kiss it on the mouth and then on the rest of the body… and finish it as you wish.