12 erotic games to drive your partner crazy

To enjoy intimate moments and sexuality with a partner is synonymous with well-being and health, both to an individual and for the relationship to flourish as well. And let’s be honest, there is no greater pleasure than sex, especially when our partner fills our needs and makes us feel like we are the luckiest person in the world being by their side.

Lately, I’ve been trying to spice things up after discovering that my lover also enjoys to watch porn when she introduce me to Swipe.porn a new app showing a vast amount of short sex videos, something quite erotic and intense to do with your partner along your side.

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Tik porn web app

The arrival of the first AI optimized porn app – Tik.porn

Last year saw TikTok rising as the most trending social app in the market, especially amongst younger generations. In the last months, it even became the second most downloaded app worldwide, only after Whatsapp, confirming all the buzz around it during these days. Originally targeting the music sector, currently, it embraces almost all short-form video thematics.

All, except adult content related videos. That was until last month, where the creation of Tik porn, the first AI optimized porn app, overcame that fact.

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Luxury escorts: caprice or necessity?

Nowadays, there is a great variety of services on the net which can be accessed easily and quickly. Precisely, sexual services is one of them and the debate can be raised whether your service is really a necessity or a whim.

Generally speaking, sex can be established as a desire rather than a necessity, because if it is lacking one can continue living. A need is precisely everything you need to live and if you lack it, your existence is in danger. However, if we talk about erotic massage hotel it is evident that it is a whim, a luxury that only businessmen can give themselves. Precisely, a luxury escort service involves a significant expense that not everyone can afford.

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Escorts: the perfect way to have fun

The escort activity generates all kinds of debates in society. In this particular case, where we want to emphasize, it is a question of identifying the most appropriate times to use escorts, since an infinite number of variables are involved in making this decision.

Of course, each person has a different mental structure, experiences, postures, perspectives and ideas, but there are times when it is a good option to choose, because its services transcend sex itself.

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How to use massages as an erotic game

A great way to get past the stress and routine of everyday life and at the same time help you stay connected and strengthen your relationship with your partner are erotic massages. The erotic massage aims to stimulate and increase the libido and our ability to respond to sensual stimuli and, unlike other massages in which it acts at the muscle level, in erotic massage what is sought is the stimulation of the skin and senses to provoke sensations of pleasure and sexual excitement, that is why the movements must be very smooth.

Since this is an erotic game it is highly recommended that you use your hands but also anything that can help you to stimulate your partner’s skin like a feather, a silk scarf, warm oil with stimulating aroma or even an ice cube. Kissing, tickling, gently blowing to provoke delicious chills… let your imagination run wild because it’s a time to be creative.

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