Two video game console controllers side by side.

The Best Video Game Soundtracks of All Time

Within the rich and ever-evolving landscape of gaming, where pixels and polygons unite to create immersive experiences, there exists an often underappreciated facet that profoundly influences our gaming adventures: game soundtracks. These intricate compositions serve as the invisible orchestrators of our gaming emotions, capable of eliciting joy, sadness, excitement, and nostalgia. In this comprehensive article, […]

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Best Porn video games of 2022 | TOP 3

Virtual reality porn has become a big business over the past few years. It’s not just a fad anymore; it’s here to stay. But how do you get started with virtual reality porno gratuit? Do you even need to?

We intend to bring you the realistic interactive XXX experience you’ve been looking for through our TOP 3 best 3D porn games, ready to play in a browser whenever and wherever you want.

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Among Us The Game

Video game “AMONG US” is a trend even in Porn

For those who live on another planet, Among Us, is an online multiplayer game that takes place in a space-themed setting, in which players take on one of two roles: Crewmates, and a predetermined number will be Impostors.

The popular game, not only triggered Discord downloads but also triggered themed porn searches on PornHub, one of the leading adult content platforms. As usual, when a game gains such popularity on the web its success permeates other contents; for some reason, this game also impacts searches on pornographic sites.

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Getting nostalgic about flash player games?

Here we cover how easy was to play and develop a game in flash player, mostly developed in mid 90’s, but marking several generations in the two decades after.

There were are a lot of cool and interesting games for everyone and some of these games could be enjoyed by people of all ages. Flash was somehow a new generation animation language back in the 90’s. After that, more people have become interested in playing this game on the internet because it was both fun and entertaining.

Most of the games that can be played on the internet could also be played on Flash. The main difference between the two is that games created in Flash used to be much more attractive in a certain period than games created in any other animation programes. This was because of the high quality graphics, sounds and video effects.

There were a lot of different types of Flash games available. Some of them included shooting games, racing games, card games, puzzle games, arcade games and many more.

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Sex toys | Lighting the fire

And over the years you find yourself in a situation where you miss the excitement in your life together. But don’t be worried anymore, you’ve come to the right place because we know very well what you’re going through and that’s why we prepared this article for you. Relax and enjoy some (if not all) of our tips to spice up your intimacy and finally bring back the flame and leave it more alive than ever.  

It is common that when the couple feels that something is not right with their intimacy, they usually decide to take some action in order to be able to solve the problem while the problem still has a solution.

And when you finally enter this discovery of the new “us”, the first thing that ends up arousing interest is the use of pornography (if it is not already a common practice of the couple), its almost all for free and is so accessible to anyone and at any time that, accessing porn sites such as xvideos, pornhub or even, turns out to be a natural step.

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12 erotic games to drive your partner crazy

To enjoy intimate moments and sexuality with a partner is synonymous with well-being and health, both to an individual and for the relationship to flourish as well. And let’s be honest, there is no greater pleasure than sex, especially when our partner fills our needs and makes us feel like we are the luckiest person in the world being by their side.

Lately, I’ve been trying to spice things up after discovering that my lover also enjoys to watch porn when she introduce me to a new app showing a vast amount of short sex videos, something quite erotic and intense to do with your partner along your side.

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Tik porn web app

The arrival of the first AI optimized porn app –

Last year saw TikTok rising as the most trending social app in the market, especially amongst younger generations. In the last months, it even became the second most downloaded app worldwide, only after Whatsapp, confirming all the buzz around it during these days. Originally targeting the music sector, currently, it embraces almost all short-form video thematics.

All, except adult content related videos. That was until last month, where the creation of Tik porn, the first AI optimized porn app, overcame that fact.

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Luxury escorts: caprice or necessity?

Nowadays, there is a great variety of services on the net which can be accessed easily and quickly. Precisely, sexual services is one of them and the debate can be raised whether your service is really a necessity or a whim.

Generally speaking, sex can be established as a desire rather than a necessity, because if it is lacking one can continue living. A need is precisely everything you need to live and if you lack it, your existence is in danger. However, if we talk about erotic massage hotel it is evident that it is a whim, a luxury that only businessmen can give themselves. Precisely, a luxury escort service involves a significant expense that not everyone can afford.

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The secret behind Super Mario’s success

Koichi Hayashida, director of the successful Super Mario 3D Land, talked about Nintendo’s most important franchise. Of course we’re talking about Mario games. The plumber’s endless success is due, according to Koichi, to the combination of the old signs of the series and the exploitation of Nintendo’s hardware and its unique possibilities. One of the key elements is that every time we offer new hardware, it’s its unique technological capabilities that allow us to offer new playable combinations that are familiar to this universe. These allow us to make something new that is very special with that hardware. It’s the combination of the familiar and the new that keeps people fresh.

He also had time to talk about the importance of Miyamoto-san’s ideas in the series. Of course Miyamoto-san is not retiring in the short term, and I have to say that I will work as hard as I can on games now and in the future, but Nintendo is built on a lot of great ideas, many of which have been provided by Miyamoto-san himself. We are very concerned about these ideas, and we strive to understand and use them in our work. We also do our best to offer these ideas to the next generation of developers, and that’s an ongoing process.

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How to learn through gaming

A Uruguayan research assures that video games are more effective than memorizing texts to learn history. The study carried out on 32 students from fifth to sixth grade of a private school with the objective of quantifying the impact that a video game made specifically to educate can generate in learning; it showed that effectively the students who retained the most information were those who played the video game, as reported by the Uruguayan portal El País.

The research was carried out by the Uruguayan company Ingenious Softworks (specialized in design and development of software systems) with the support of the National Telecommunications Directorate and the National Agency for Research and Innovation (ANII) of that country, with the participation of a psychiatrist and a psychologist.

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Escorts: the perfect way to have fun

The escort activity generates all kinds of debates in society. In this particular case, where we want to emphasize, it is a question of identifying the most appropriate times to use escorts, since an infinite number of variables are involved in making this decision.

Of course, each person has a different mental structure, experiences, postures, perspectives and ideas, but there are times when it is a good option to choose, because its services transcend sex itself.

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